Waves Of Acceptance

I went to the ocean to make peace with my past and find the courage to forgive and let live. I’ve been here before. Not this beach and not this town, but the place of desire to release what weighs me down.  My wish then was for a world with less pain. Today at this…
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A Ripple In The Water

When my uncle Duke made an entrance, it rarely went unnoticed; partially because of his enormous athletic 6 foot 4 stature, but mostly because of his energetic presence.  I don’t know if it was his military training or his natural way, but Duke stood tall with proper posture and carried himself with confidence.  He had…
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Part Of The Plan

Every adventure and misadventure is part of the bigger plan.

Coal Becomes Diamonds; Sand Becomes Pearls

I believe in the strength of the human spirit.  Perhaps it is required to survive, but have found we are strong enough to endure the worst of humanity.  It is not a challenge to find media reporting senseless acts of violence and cruelty to fellow humans.  We have become de-sensitized by the madness of our…
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Vegas Odds

My mother has a knack for taking in strays. Not stray dogs or cats, but people with no place to go. It wasn’t unusual for me and my siblings to leave for school and come home to the small utility room converted into a bedroom for the homeless aunt, uncle or lost co-worker. My mom’s brother,…
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