The Crack In The Strategy

In my early twenties, my approach to life was bitter. I trusted nobody and believed the world was filled with more evil than good. All I needed to validate this belief was to watch the nightly news.

Then I turned my television off for nearly two years; and shielded myself from main stream media and negative people.

Circumstances changed and my life perspective pendulum shifted to the opposite extreme where I viewed the world as a magical place.

Inside of that timeframe, I was delusional enough to believe that if I demonstrated kindness and compassion and loved others enough, they would come to see the world as a magical place, too, and perhaps begin a kindness campaign of their own. My perspective was that the only thing the world needed was enough love to help it heal.

Unfortunately, there were cracks in this strategy. The first crack was the belief that I could change another person’s behavior; the second crack was that the world is only a positive, loving place.

The truth is this: people are going to behave how they choose to behave and the world is a mix of good and bad; light and dark. That is the nature of our planet and it is in perfect alignment with how it was created.

Without bad, we cannot experience or understand the definition of good. Without poverty, we cannot understand wealth.  Without war, we cannot relate to the power of peace. We need both. Contrast helps give meaning to its opposite.

I am not a pessimist. In fact, I am an obnoxious optimist. But what I believe is never going to change the structure of how it was created. If a piece of fruit contains the genetic code of an apple, but I believe it to be an orange, it will not magically turn into an orange.  That would require a genetic engineer.

The same is true of people.  But we are not genetically engineered to be bad or good.

We are genetically engineered to be human. We get to choose our path and what meaning we give to it.

I believe all people have the potential to be great and powerful. By power, I do not mean title, money or influence.

We are created with the same amount of awesomeness available to us, but unfortunately, some choose to dwell in fear, greed and entitlement and make decisions for themselves (and their families or organizations) based on those belief systems.

Belief systems can change and adjustments made to how we define good and bad. Power is not found in denial. True power comes from our ability to recognize and choose.

We can choose to be a victim, or we can choose to be empowered. We can choose to judge or we can choose to accept. We can choose to believe what we believe, but our beliefs do not render its opposite untrue.

We can shift our perspective to a powerful perspective of forgiveness, acceptance and love, but that doesn’t mean that those energies of our ego (fear, entitlement and greed) no longer exist. They must exist.

But because something exists, does not mean it is powerful.

Power is Choice.

Powerful Perspectives are found when we seek to understand what motivates our choices.

Are your choices motivated by fear, greed, and entitlement or are they powered by your ability to accept, forgive, and love?

You can’t do both at the same time. Choose wisely.