My Moment Of Truth

Following a rash of bad luck that included two car crashes, a break-in, identify theft, a faulty furnace and a rejection letter from Disney, I sought refuge from the chaos in the comfort of my soul.

I sat in meditation and invited The Creator to join me to explain the irrational logic behind a natural world that causes strife, pain and anxiety, when all I wanted was peace. I sat in full expectancy of the great Divine, listening from my heart, and waiting with patience. It did not appear.  Life’s great mysteries were not solved and great wisdom was not magically infused. Feeling rejected and alone, I loudly declared through tantrum and tears that I no longer believed.

That evening as I fell from the state of conscious to the unconscious, I was startled by a male voice inside my own female head alerting me to WAKE! This was my moment of truth. As I began to apologize for the rage of earlier in the day, a wave of peace swept over me and it became clear it was not necessary to seek forgiveness from an energy that didn’t t condemn or judge.

When I asked out loud, “what do you want me to do? I heard my own voice whisper, get up and write. And so I did.

I made myself a cup of hot tea and opened the half-written story of my life. I wrote with a passion and energy I had only previously experienced from completing a long-distance run. I wrote stories of suffering, drama, energy and fear. With each word, the fear attached to each story released its powerful and painful grip from the fibers of my being. I felt myself becoming free. The stories were my truth, but no longer belonged to me. They were written to be shared.

After five hours, the flow trickled and the natural stopping point came. I reached for the hot tea and took a sip. To my astonishment, the tea was still hot. I can’t explain how, but it was and I knew this was not natural. With this realization, I dropped to the floor and wept tears of gratitude for whatever had just occurred. It was on my knees, where I found peace.

From the Inspiration of that evening, the Powerful Perspectives were born.

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