Is It Too Late?

After a miserable divorce and years of feeling inadequate as a woman and a mother, I was thrilled when my sister found somebody who made her smile, laugh and feel loved. They announced their engagement and sent “save the date” cards months in advance. Since it was a second marriage for both, I anticipated an…
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a caucasian business man in a blue shirt and dark suit grabs a co-worker by his collar and reaches back to punch him while the co-worker leans back and surrenders

Business Bullying

Several weeks ago I registered for a 10-mile race using an online race website. I entered the necessary information — name, address, age and credit card information.  Near the end of the checkout process, I was asked to check a box that would allow a third party vendor to enroll me in a “free” trial…
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Portrait of a young woman exercising with weights

Community Health Begins With Self Health

Millions of Americans, particularly women, struggle to find the time to take care of their own health. When I look around at my friends who are moms, I find myself in awe of how many of them put the needs of their families, their children, their work, their community, or school volunteer time ahead of…
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Bride and groom figurines lying at destroyed wedding cake on tiled floor

The Upside To Divorce : 5 Powerful Perspectives

A college girl named Carly recently posted an article about living with her parent’s divorce. Her blog highlighted her challenges with trust, holidays, and the relationship mistakes she witnessed that she doesn’t want to repeat. She ended the story with this perspective: “Divorce isn’t glamorous or fun. Its heartbreak and sadness. It doesn’t just impact…
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trust and let go

The Best Part Of Being A Mom

Shortly after my divorce, my son’s interests in plants and trees intensified. Being new to the single-parenting scene, I was adjusting to a new routine and scrambling to take care of myself and my son. I told him his passion couldn’t be nurtured fully because we didn’t have a yard. In truth, it was my…
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